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Genuine Slow Roasted Wood Smoked Bar-B-Que™

A great barbecue sandwich SHOULD be messy and ate with a spork! Pike's Pit Bar-B-Que is servin' up genuine slow roasted wood smoked barbecue on our savory deliciously sloppy sandwiches, fresh salads, BBQ baked spuds, Walkabout bowls, (and some crazy good side dishes) are served with a heavy dose of fun and cleanliness we like to call Funkensparkle™! Conveniently located under the iconic Public Market Center sign next to the ‘Fish Guys' of Pike Place Market. Come on down and see how we're doin' it right!

GREAT barbeque with even greater service! The staff here truly enjoy their job, and you can easily see it not only through their attitude, but through their food as well. — Brie R.,Yelp

Pecos Supplied Beef, Pork & Sauce

Pike's Pit Bar-B-Que trace their roots to 1980 when Ron & Debra Wise opened a Pecos Pit Bar-B-Que in Seattle, WA on 1st Avenue South (across from Starbucks HQ). They presented their huge smiley welcoming faces & two types of slow roasted wood smoked meats in the form of legendary sandwiches — pork shoulder & brisket of beef with only one sauce as a choice — mild, medium or hot. The "Only"™ sauce soon became the name of their only sauce. Through a special arrangement, Chef Jeremy now brings this tasty barbecue to the market with his own special sides.

The smokey flavor of the meat and the savory taste of the BBQ sauce were on point. The meat was cooked perfectly and I loved how the crunchy slaw added a perfect crunchy texture to the sandwich, and the onion flavor of the bun pulled it all together for a perfect flavored sandwich that took me back to a happy place. — Randell A.,Yelp

Pecos "the Only"™ Sauce

Our "ONLY" sauce was developed by Ron and Debra Wise from the original Pecos pit 30+ years ago. Pecos sauce is great because it doesn't fall into the main BBQ sauce categories most people are used to it. It has a nice vinegar and black pepper flavor with great smoke and a heat that stays with you throughout the day. This mild sauce is a little hot and the Damn Hot is only for the bold!

Great BBQ has arrived in Seattle! My Seattle life is now complete... okay, maybe I still have a few more things on my wish list, but Pike's Pit Barbecue fills a very important void in my life. If you're from Texas or Kansas, okay, we get it, it's not like Franklin's BBQ in Austin or Jack Stack's in Kansas City, but Pike's Pit BBQ is more than solid. — Vania K.,Yelp

Bulk Meats To Go

Because Pike’s Pit slow-roasts its meats at 245 degrees — they are leaner, more flavorful and better for your health than those that are fried, grilled, seared or broiled! Choose between our Pecos Pork, smoked for 9 hours over alder wood, and our Beef Brisket smoked for 12 hours over alder wood as well. You can also grab our Turkey Legs which can be served dry or drowned in sauce. If it’s chicken you are after, our juicy Hand Carved Smoked Chicken is just the ticket. We chop them up, in our "Live Food Theater" and server it up fresh for you!

"Stopped in today for lunch and was not disappointed! I got the Hotlink sandwich (medium), with the "make me cry" option of white onions. I also got the side of Pit Beans. I'm glad I didn't ask for hot, because medium was plenty spicy! It was a huge sandwich, and it was delicious from first bite to last." — Aaron B., Seattle WA (Yelp)